December 6th, 2011

I love my bed. I love reading in my bed, staying up late in my bed, resetting the alarm to give me more time in my bed. But I watched a TEDx San Francisco video tonight by a woman named Mel Robbins, who is probably one of those people who would really annoy me and tire me out in real life, but whose talk woke up part of me that has been sleeping for the past year, especially when she explained her theory about “hitting the inner snooze button.” You know, those times when you have an intriguing and possibly original idea but you immediately dismiss it, turn it off, turn your back on it, turn the juice off. Because that idea will never fly, someone’s already thought of it and who really cares? I do it constantly. It’s so predictable it’s embarrassing. I hit my inner snooze button instead of getting up and following that idea like a dog in heat. I do the same thing in the morning … resist getting out of bed, resist being awake to the world, resist the mystery of the day ahead. Because it is a big, fucking mystery in which as the Robert Bly poem goes, “someone may bring a bear to your door.” If you find yourself also hitting the inner snooze button, have a look at the video and think about following her 5-second rule for a few days and see what happens.


One Response to “Yawn”

  1. I have a very smart and creative friend who seems to never turn off an idea. She chases them all. Her life is rich in experience but also full of the frustration of so much left unfinished, undeveloped, undone. She is always lured from what she has started By The Next Big Idea she has.

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