The Secret Word

April 24th, 2010

Today I did something totally out of character — I went to the gym on a Saturday afternoon, not for a class, but just to walk/run on the treadmill. I hate the gym, and the only time I go there is to do my weekly spinning classes, and I only do that because I’m trying to be healthier and because I decided that I’d focus on exercising instead of trying to force ideas. Yes, I still hate the gym (can they make them any grayer, any drabber, any more dank?), but I’m entranced with the fact that I actually did something very un-me, so my word of the day is Open. It’s only when I do something so 180 that I realize that I’ve let the path I’m traveling on get narrow and restricting. How will you startle yourself today?

3 Responses to “The Secret Word”

  1. Jacquie says:

    Spot on post…

    My un-me for today was quite the opposite of yours. Saturday usual routine would consist of heading to the gym, rain or shine…irritation and dank-stank be damned…

    However, this day I rolled round in bed until noon. Taking in the ebb from morning to noon at a snails pace, allowing my mind to wander for

    You see, it does not come easy for me to “just be”…

    So I reckon my word for today was “just being”…

    lovely post…from a lurker stepping out of lurk-dom

    (love your blog)

  2. nikki says:

    Thank you, Jackie!

  3. Sheilah says:

    So I had the same fleeting thought to visit the gym/pool we pay $70 a month for and never use except in the summer…but it passed. Instead I decided it was my flat feet causing all the back-neck-head-jaw-nose-eyebrow pain and shelled out $90 for some Keens with arches. I’m sure that’ll do it, right? Hopefully the shoes work on muffin tops too. I do miss my young Indian trainer I spent 6 weeks with last summer. He was funny and got me away from my chiropractor. But then I felt sorry for the chiropractor with all of us getting so healthy and all.

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