October 5th, 2011

…why I need someone to show up at my home or office and force march me to spinning class or weight lifting or just power walking. Why am I so lazy when most of the people I know are exercise junkies with zero body fat? They don’t even need to be self-disciplined because they actually love to exercise.

…why I always sit behind the person on the plane who has to have his/her seat reclined all the way into my lap for the whole flight even while eating. It gives me Row Rage to the point that I want to slam a water bottle into their head as I struggle to slither out of my seat as if I’m doing the limbo in order to get to the restroom. Or bounce my knees against the back of their seat like an unruly two year old. Or open and slam shut my lap tray until they start to bleed from their ears.

…why I still haven’t learned not to start the Monday morning commute listening to any Karen Carpenter song. By the time I get to work, I need Thorazine.

…if I would want to date myself if someone set me up on a blind date with Me? Makes you think.

…when my funny bone got osteoporosis. Realizing that I’ve laughed more in the past two weeks than I have in a long time, especially in therapy which you would think is no laughing matter.

…where I lost my favorite bracelet with Chinese characters painted on the beads. Still looking for it even though it seems hopeless. As does so much of life, but still we have to keep believing in delightful surprises.

(00ps–should have mentioned that the photo was taken at the V&A in London by my talented friend Claire Kramer MacKinnon)

8 Responses to “Wondering…”

  1. claire says:

    “me don’t believe me eyes.” that should give you a little giggle. karen carpenter = must change channel. ps what are those little white pills? i need a lifetime supply!!! x

  2. –wondering why I have been trapped in a cycle of gaining and losing weight since my mid-30s when my mother had six kids and had only had a net gain of about 5 pounds over her lifetime. She never dieted at all and she didn’t exercise, though she kept a spotless house, which was a lot of work.

    –wondering why I don’t accomplish more

    –wondering what would happen if I set some goals and worked unflaggingly toward meeting at least one of them

    –wondering why I worry so much about “accomplishments” and “goals” when I’m pretty happy with my life!

  3. claire says:

    wondering why you don’t live here. want to run a bookshop????

  4. nikki says:

    Love to run a bookshop!

  5. nancy l smith says:

    ….wondering how many of us out here think along the same lines you do! just read your visual journal page in the October issue and can only RELATE, RELATE, RELATE to it! 🙂

  6. Gwen says:

    …know I thrive being busy, yet am missing all that makes a life.

    …want to walk, yet walking alone does not interest me.

    …love the holidays, but am bummed being alone.

    …am open to having a man in my life. They say getting a life would help meet one. That’s right.

    …appreciate those who care and the laughter they share. Thanks to a friend in Florida, I have adult conversations over the phone and laughter. Yes, laughter!

    …lost today thinking along the same lines.

  7. Sherrie Phillips says:

    Laughing in therapy is not so weird. Therapy is where I learned to laugh: at myself and the absurities of my life. Laughing is the best medicine and the best defense! You go!

  8. Wondering why I haven’t visited Fridaville in so long! I’ve missed it. Love this pic of you and love the term “row rage”… might have to borrow that at some point:)

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