December 20th, 2011

– for a tiny white Christmas

– for a guru to solve all my gadget problems and hook up my Sonos music system. Otherwise it will sit in the box until it becomes obsolete. It comes with a simple 3-step installation guide, and I’m already flummoxed. Generally, I have to call my daughter in California to have her walk me through any technology installation. So pathetic. My iPhone 4s is so complex that I’m afraid that next I’ll be reduced to using a Jitterbug senior phone.

– that I could lose the 7 pounds that crept onto my body as a result of my weakness for cheese, wine and anything salty. The only craving I haven’t succumbed to are Pringles, and I’m only a vacuum-sealed can away from that.

– that my family had started drawing names for Christmas years ago. It has been the most stress-free holiday ever. Does that sound Scrooge-ish? I’m an anxious gift buyer and I never seem to get it right while trying to make sure I give everyone the same number of presents so no one will be under- gifted . By the time it comes to unwrap, I’m a wreck. Focusing on one person soothes my ADD-ishness.

– that I were as funny and clever as the people who made Shit Girls Say. I feel like I used up all my clever a few years ago.

– that I could have a vacation for two — me and my Kindle — on a tropical island with room service.

– that I could stuff a handful of sea saltĀ Good Karmals in my mouth and not face the inevitable calorie karma.


2 Responses to “Wishing”

  1. Wishing…

    …for peace within and without my home

    …that 2012 wasn’t an election year because I will be pummeled by idiocy and sound bytes on every front and become even more cynical

    …that I’d gotten it right the first time

    …for patience to keep trying

    …for discipline

    and for acceptance.

  2. claire says:

    happy belated Christmas!!!
    sonos has revolutionized my life. get someone to hook it up and you’ll be listening to the bbc in no time!

    i hope you had a fabulous time with your family.
    skype soon.

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