Wishful Thinking

May 13th, 2009

Living in Hawaii for a month. I’m not greedy.
Driving the Pacific Coast Hwy, Destination Mendocino.
True Love, or some Lady Chatterley sex.
Everything on my Barnes & Noble Wish List.
A clawfoot tub in a bathroom that’s bigger than my current breadbox.
Guilt-free homemade cherry pie with Breyer”s Vanilla on top.
Versailles, in autumn, in the rain.
Run a mile without stopping. And enjoy it. 
A safe suntan.

5 Responses to “Wishful Thinking”

  1. Allegra Smith says:

    May all your wishes come through.

  2. iab says:

    no Burning Man? Heh.

  3. Tina Tarnoff says:

    oh, gosh! I love it! and can you also put in a good word for me for a clawfoot tub, a cherry pie (without hasitation), I would love to get a suntan without first burning horribly and looking like a lobster. but to run? :D!

  4. corine says:

    I'm loving your blog. We are compatible re:

    mostly martha the german version, and wings of desire. hot weather hot food, PCH, shells, naan & bangain barta, Italian food..
    .. Most of the rest I will have to google, so put it under I'm not cool enough to.

  5. frida says:

    anyone who loves the German Mostly Martha is ok by me!!!