Where’s My Zen Zone?

July 29th, 2008

The surface of the tidal creek that runs through the marsh near my house is like a mysterious natural mirror, reflecting sunsets, sky, clouds, and shadows. It ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows — slow-dancing with the moon and sea. I wish my mind could be that calm and accepting.  Instead it rushes about on its ceaseless important errands–borrowing trouble, chattering like a monkey, cooking up things to worry about. Four difficult days lie ahead of me–flying to my hometown to for a rare visit with my fractured and fractious family and then more traveling to give a speech for my day job in front of way too many people. My mind is hard at work predicting the worst possible outcomes: family scenes, stage fright, fiascos all around. As usual, my mind responds to fear by racing in circles like a wind-up toy, but I’m trying to imitate the rhythms of tides in my breathing, my thinking, my feelings. To be water instead of stone, finding a way through instead of running into walls.

2 Responses to “Where’s My Zen Zone?”

  1. Pat says:

    Ok, girl, now you really do sound like me! These are the exact things I do….it’s like all the horrors you imagine are on a record spinning around in your head nagging at you over and over. It’s not very productive….as it drains you of any good feeling or energy. So, breathe deep, think of some place pretty, picture yourself going through these situations smoothly and imagine a great result. Then, when it’s all over, go treat yourself to something nice…..you’ll deserve it! I’ll be sending some good thoughts your way. Pat

  2. Di Mackey says:

    Hey, good luck and I’m sure the worry will all be worthwhile, in that it will go better than expected – at least that’s my way of living with the 12 ring circus in my mind đŸ˜‰