What Inspires You?

April 3rd, 2012

Oh I’m such a spoiled bitch! I’ve been doing Skirt! Magazine for 18 years and lately I’ve whined about how burned out I am until my friends are ready to duct tape my mouth shut. And why shouldn’t they? Take a look at this TINY bit of the wall in our art director’s office. It’s overwhelmingly luscious eye candy. I face this wall every day, and I completely take it for granted. But what if ¬†instead I worked in an insurance company or a garage or a beige on beige office space? How freaking lucky am I to be surrounded by this amazing visual stimulation from nine to five? To be able to brainstorm new pages and bring them into being? To have the opportunity to be creative every day ? I’m exceptionally fortunate to work in such an imagination-friendly environment, but aside from that, I know there are other opportunities in my life to pursue a muse, to make room for art, to stretch my wings — opportunities that I don’t take out of laziness or fear or a closed mind.¬†Today I went to work with an idea for a new feature, discussed with our art director and within five minutes we decided to do it. Today I am so grateful for the gift of inspiration. Today, I promise myself to take more photos, to read a poem, to draw one thing every day, to update my idea book, to color the beige parts of my life.

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  1. Love that…’to cover the beige parts of my life’. To work in that creative environment sounds like quite a blessing.

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