February 8th, 2009

I found this banner on Joetta Maue’s Bird and Bear etsy site and I immediately thought how handy it would be for those days when our lives are like crime scenes that require roping off until all the victims have been treated and the wreckage is cleared away. When everything goes wrong from the time we get out of bed to the time we crawl into bed like whipped dogs to lick our wounds. Like when you accidentally hit Reply instead of Forward with an angry commentary on an irritating email. Ouch. Or when your cell phone makes a “pocket call” and someone overhears your inane conversation in a bar. Ouch. Or when your skirt gets rucked up into your underwear and you leave a public bathroom not realizing it until a waiter tips you off. Ouch. Or when someone you know gets a promotion or an award and your Inner Bitch can’t stop growling with envy. A day when all of this happens in a cascading torrent of bad to worse. Ouch ouch ouch. We all have our own versions of Crime Scene Days, and I need to learn how to say fuck it instead of flaying myself with what I’ve done wrong, because tomorrow is another chance to get it right, or at least, less wrong. And sometimes less wrong is all we can ask of ourselves.

4 Responses to “Warning!”

  1. Joetta says:

    I love, love, love this post and am just so happy that I could inspire such wonderful honesty. Thanks for your words and thanks for connecting them to mine.

  2. Kerin says:

    Bravo! This rocks. Less wrong can be quite good enough.

    That FI tape could come in very handy in a portable dispenser. : )

  3. Allegra Smith says:

    I love it! I say it so often lately because of the moron who must have decided that building didn’t require anything else other than a board license, and not only is he expensive but stupid, to the point of having put both windows in the wrong place in a room that has only two windows.

    So, I am one of those Women who say Fuck. You know what is really funny? English is not my native language and it is, believe it or not, the only one I can swear in. Honestly. So I take full advantage of that fact when everything comes down like a shower of broken glass mixed with pointed nails.

    And you are right, today is all we have, tomorrow is a gift so let’s open it carefully and be grateful for the chance to get things half right at least – alas, it will take longer for the expensive moron to fix the windows…sigh.

  4. Di Mackey says:

    Love it! And so good to find you at Susannah’s too 🙂