Vote for Us

January 19th, 2009

Vote for the underdog, the voiceless, the worker bee, the laid off, the laid up, the one who doesn’t have a chance, the one who comes from behind, the chronic loser, the underestimated, the quiet one, the last in line, the hopeless, the helpless, the unfamous, the one who can’t afford a doctor, the can’t-get-a-grip dreamer, the immigrant, the migrant, the luckless, the unlovable, the lowly, the illiterate, the cynic, the teacher, the cashier, the single mother who cries herself to sleep, the kids who leave for school hungry, the ones who hope against hope. We voted for Obama. We voted for us for a change.

One Response to “Vote for Us”

  1. Allegra Smith says:

    Amén! and Amén and Amén! May we never forget the day we were set free.