Upward Mobility

May 9th, 2013



When I go for a walk, I’m usually focused on the ground at my feet, the sidewalk in front of me, the problems in the back of my mind. Pausing to look up periodically gives me a different perspective. My worries begin to seem pedestrian. My viewpoint shifts and expands outward. My soul feels poised for liftoff to a planet of possibility. ┬áSometimes I start to feel so trapped in the physical space I inhabit — my house, my town, my routine. When that happens for too long, I can sense my ideas getting smaller and smaller. Looking up reminds me that I live in a cage of my own making. That I could sell everything I own and be a gypsy. That I could live anywhere I want to if I’m willing to take the risk of being lonely and afraid at first. That I don’t even have to do any of ┬áthat in order to free my mind. I just have to look up and out of myself.

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