November 9th, 2008

My dentist is redoing my mouth one tooth at a time. It started so innocently…she urged me to get a Sonicare brush and have my old decaying mercury fillings replaced. But it was like replacing a light fixture in an old house only to discover that the wiring is dangerously out of date and then the plumbing has to go and of course there turn out to be termites in the wall, mice in the attic and cracks in the foundation. So far I’ve had gum grafts, extractions, 3 tooth implants and more crowns that even a princess like me deserves, and  every morning I have to use the Sonicare until my brains are churned to butter, floss, rinse with Tooth and Gum Tonic and peroxide. At night, same thing, plus an hour of whitening trays which I never remember to use. And though I’ll end up with a balanced bite and a smile I’m not ashamed to show,  my dental “insurance” only pays $1,000 a year. My calendar this year has been filled with a plethora of fear-based medical appointments: 3 hour dentist sessions; mammogram, colonoscopy; flu and pneumonia vaccines; blood work; body scan by my dermatologist. It’s depressing to open my planner every week and realize there is yet more probing, grinding, smashing and jabbing in my body’s future. Supplemented by festive visits from the pest guy, the heating and air guy, the cable guy, the plumber guy. Sometimes my life seems to be one long maintenance appointment. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate dates in my book for Joy on Waking Up, Surprise Just Around the Corner, Unexpected Gifts, A New BFF or Amazing Big Ideas. To get out of a holding pattern and onto a flight path.

3 Responses to “Unscheduling”

  1. sue irvine says:

    Sheesh, sounds like me. Good luck to us both!!
    Love your blog. Sue

  2. V-Grrrl says:

    With two kids at home and some chronic health issues, I am forever dealing with making, keeping, and juggling appointments and expenses. I try to tell myself I’m lucky to have access to health care when so many people do not, but even with insurance it’s a burden and like you I struggle with the psychological baggage of feeling broken…

  3. Marilyn says:

    Oh how I can relate to this. I just lol on reading this!!!!