Truth Syrup

May 22nd, 2010

The only upside to being sick is taking hydrocodone cough syrup. You’re still sick, but you don’t seem to mind it as much

Every time Sally Field hawks Boniva on TV, I want to break one of her fragile wings.

I know handmade crafts are the hallmark of hip sustainable eco culture, but why is so much of it ugly, and will felting ever die?

I’m terrible at conducting job interviews. I never trust myself not to hire a secret psycho, which has actually happened twice.

My new guilty pleasure is Kelly Cutrone on “The City,” but she scares me.

Every time I apply self-tanner I look like I’ve been rolling in dung.

I spend more time reading about writing than actually writing.

I find it difficult to cry in front of people, so I probably come across as unfeeling.

Sometimes when I’m cooking, I pretend I’m on a Food Network show and talking to an audience. So nerdy.

2 Responses to “Truth Syrup”

  1. Sallie says:

    Are you sick? I can bring o.j., soup whatever you need. If not, no you are not nerdy pretending you are on Food Network when you cook – lots of people do that (secretly, of course)!

  2. nikki says:

    not sick…but I took syrup to Seattle just in case the kids brought home some wack germ, and when I was unpacking, I thought about how it was the only good thing about getting some kind of cough crud.

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