Time UnManagement

November 18th, 2013


Don’t get all excited — I’m not going to reveal some lifestyle hacks that will help you clear out your in-box or spend less time on Facebook or coach you on how to show up on time for an appointment. I guess those are worthy goals, but they just don’t interest me. I know it’s not very realistic to ignore our daily bread 24/7, but it’s good to bear in mind that time is just a manmade construct and that Now is the only time you need to mind. You and I don’t have user warrantys for an hour from now, tomorrow, next year. We’re not guaranteed a chance to see the Northern Lights or hike the Cinque Terra or start exercising tomorrow (I have good intentions!). We don’t even have a lock on that lunch date tomorrow or the sale that kicks in at midnight. That’s old, man-made, Protestant, I’m-going-to-live-forever time, and we might not be here, pushing a red shopping cart around Target looking for specials. Tomorrow is a bedtime story we tell ourselves to keep the dark out — it’s human nature. It’s pretending there’s no big bad wolf on our doorstep that will eventually blow our house down. But every now and then, it’s possible to slip into Now time. There’s no clock that has to be set, rewound, adjusted for Daylight Savings Time or have its batteries replaced. You can find it ┬áin the pulsing of the blue veins in your wrists or the no-time when meditation really works or the flow that happens when you’re totally absorbed in work or love or art. And when that happens, we’re immortal. As my new favorite saying goes, “Carpe Fucking Diem!”

2 Responses to “Time UnManagement”

  1. “Walk without feet, fly without wings, and think without mind”

    I wish for you: “May Yesterday’s Dream Be Tomorrow’s memory”

  2. Veronica says:

    We do take so much for granted. We do become anesthetized to the moment by the dream and demands of tomorrow.

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