Throw Me a Lifeline

November 3rd, 2009

Last weekend, a friend invited me for a belated birthday dinner and gave me a belated present–my very own life jacket! She was trying to help me get over my last traumatic kayak outing in which I tipped over, went under and struggled to get to shore, kayak in tow, in a life jacket that came up over my head and obscured my vision like an XL shell on an XS turtle. As a nonswimmer, it was right up there on the horror scale with The Perfect Storm. So now I have my own life jacket, and I might actually get back on the water again. But the real lifesaver for me has been friendship itself — a life preserver that has kept me afloat in the stormy times of my life and helped me tread water when I was becalmed, dull, confused or stuck in place. The friend who was thoughtful enough to help me get over my fear of water, the friend I meet for mutual creative inspiration every Tuesday night, the old friend who shares her life with me in long-distance calls, the friend who is my right hand man, my bookclub friends, my walking friend, my soul-sister friend, the friend who knows all my secrets, the friends at work who have become family, my blogger friends, the high school friends who pop up in my life when I least expect it, the friends who cycle in and out of my life and always leave me richer … my lifejacket friends.

3 Responses to “Throw Me a Lifeline”

  1. seastararts says:

    I believe my friends will be getting life jackets for Christmas… thanks Nikki! Your words are my life jacket…

  2. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios says:

    My life is rich in relationships. It's where my energy goes…being a friend and receiving the gift of friendship is indeed what keeps me feeling safe and afloat when life turns over.

  3. 徵信社 says:

    I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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