Deep, mysterious forests to get lost in. Pray they aren’t opened to logging, drilling and mining and capitalistic greed. Chain yourself to a tree.

Our sense of humor. Laughing at tyrants is a deadly weapon.

Fireworks on July 4th – Oh, say can you see past this dark time?

The daily tides, reminding us that politicians come and go.

Mount Denali. It will be there long after Trump is gone.

Dolphins feeding off shore. (Fight off-shore drilling, nasty women!)

Winter sunsets, which even Trump can’t buy, sell, rent or otherwise monetize.

Canada, O Canada!

Bob Dylan, whose songs are hymns of rebellion.

3 Responses to “Things Trump Hasn’t Ruined Yet”

  1. I want to walk a while in those woods. Just for a few years, maybe four, in a woodland fringe near Fridaville.

    Or send my mail c/o Tom Bombadil. I might linger beside the willowy stream with him and lilting Goldberry, immune like them to the travesties of the world, untouched by it.

  2. Veronica says:

    Yes, age brings perspective. Sadly, he isn’t the first of his kind to stain democracy. We cannot let the election steal our joy or our intentions to live in a way that affirms all we believe in.

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