1. Wear my earrings with Frida Kahlo’s eyes on them.

2. Feel beautiful.

3. Write 300 words on any topic whether I feel like it or not.

4. Listen to Latin music on Pandora.com.

5. Say “gracias” all day long.

6. Be brave about the things on my Secret Fears List.

7. Give the world a wink.

8 Responses to “Things to do on Frida’s Birthday”

  1. mary ann says:

    Secret Fears – go on then, tell us just one. get it off your chest. i miss the music in fridaville i really really do. where's my pink martini and david satie?

  2. frida says:

    Music is back up but you have to click to play because I think it annoyed some people to have it auto start. New songs included. Thank you!

  3. V-Grrrl at Compost Studios says:

    Nothing about sex? C'mon Frida! Where is your imagination renting a room? ; )

  4. suchil coffman says:

    and eat beautiful, artistic and sensual food. that is a must. fridha and diego greatly appreciated the visual and artistic side of food. that always works in my book!

  5. frida says:

    well, vgrrrl, I wish I were having sex, but it's Monday, and I don't have anyone volunteering to help me celebrate!

  6. seastararts says:

    sex on a monday is overrated especially when alone in a hotel room in virginia! but I did say Gracias many time for you today! CHEERS! -jeni

  7. Kerin says:

    Another thing to do is celebrate your own birthday if you happen to share the same one with her. What a happy thing to do everything on the celebration list twice– once for Frida and once for me!!! : )

    Thanks for a great post. I love her too.

  8. Lara Harris says:

    I didn't realize it was her birthday…I have actually done a couple paintings of her for one of my customers in Canada :o)