Things I’ve Learned Lately

February 23rd, 2011

* The best vacation memories are unexpected. Although I took this photo from the London Eye, it’s not the Eye I’ll remember but this vibrant, color combination that I happened to catch accidentally. It’s not Big Ben but walking across Blackfriars Bridge and along the river on a cold, wet night.

* There’s no use looking back at what  you failed to do or anxiously awaiting the consequences in the future. What I didn’t do was plan sensibly for my financial security. What I plan to do is be brave about it.

*NEVER turn on your iPhone overseas. If you insist, just open your bank account and let the money drain straight into AT&T.

* I love watching the way British people use their silverware. So elegant that it makes me feel like I’m sawing a log when I’m cutting my fish.

* There are very few things I’ve purchased in my life that I would miss now if I’d passed them up.

* I have no desire to make my own skin care products out of grapefruits, avocados, oats or whatever.

* If you have loyal for-life friends and a really good rechargeable vibrator, you can be reasonably happy without being married.

* Something I read in a magazine this month and wrote on a Post-it note: “Year by year all is unclear, but day by day we find our way.”

5 Responses to “Things I’ve Learned Lately”

  1. Libby says:

    You are awesomely inspiring. I am so glad I get to read your blog. I feel like it’s a little not-so-secret present that I get to open and savor all on my own.

  2. Leigh Webber says:

    I love your line, “The best vacation memories are unexpected.” It makes me think of something I read the other day about how you never know when you are making a memory. I love thinking about that concept and how it relates to photography. I photograph some things just so I can remember them.

    Also… you CAN turn your iPhone on overseas, just put it on Airplane mode and turn off all the “push” notifications for your email/FB/etc. I sent texts while in SE Asia and Australia for 50¢ a pop. And there’s nothing better than receiving them when you are far far away by yourself! Oh, and only turn on the phone to check for texts, then turn it back off.

  3. nikki says:

    I totally did something wrong with my phone because I thought I was keeping it off most of the time and not pushing data, but my bill was HUGE. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Dawn Elliott says:

    Your list made me chuckle! I love how you’re going with a theme and then you throw in something seemingly random… your writing is like MY thought process!

  5. Jen R. says:

    What is it with people who make beauty products in the kitchen? It annoys me too.

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