Things I Love

February 11th, 2008
A long long time ago, a lover who also happened to be my English Lit professor told me to read The Pillow Book, by Sei Shonagon, an aristocratic lady who lived in Japan c.966-1017. Her lists of what she loved or hated have inspired me to make my own throughout the years:
* Friday night on the couch with People (thanks dear daughters for my birthday subscription) and a glass of wine
* My friend’s fur coat…I know it’s wrong but I can enjoy it without feeling the guilt of ownership. Please don’t PETA me!
* Jack Nicholson…another guilty pleasure.
* The Weather Channel…the suspense keeps me on the edge of my seat.
* baked sweet potatoes with butter and salt
* The Night of the Hunter…Robert Mitchum’s preacher never fails to give me cold chills.
* Wanda Sykes…I wish she were my friend.
* Rayban Wayfarers…I look like a dork in them but they’re impossibly cool.
* prayer flags…I believe they work.
* Australian Blue Heelers
* Dr. Lyons, CNN’s hurricane expert, because he looks like a tall kindly sock monkey.
* my new Mac Book
* new shoes, because I think anything is possible the first time I wear them
* Real Sports on HBO
* the Great Wall of China…it makes me happy to think that it exists. I don’t need to walk it, run a marathon on it, take a tour to it, have my picture taken on it. I’m just glad it’s there.
* bamboo trees swaying in the wind. I’m growing a forest in my backyard.
* the view of London from the Tate Modern restaurant
* blowsy overblown tulips
* cherry pie with vanilla ice cream should be the National Dessert. Democratic tart and Republican vanilla mediated by honest heartfelt crust.

One Response to “Things I Love”

  1. Mayberry Magpie says:

    Oh my . . . Rayban wayfarers! Don’t they just remind you of scorching summer love? Mmmmmmm. Need to get me a boy of summer.

    Do tell about the English prof. Now there’s a post waiting to happen!

    Mayberry Magpie