Things I Love

August 25th, 2009

* Sunglasses because when I wear them I feel invisible. It’s not movie-star hiding-in-plain-sight. It’s “If they can’t see my eyes, I’m a camera.” And red because it’s the antidote to my standard black.

* Uncap Hendricks Gin, and there’s a hint of herbs, sun-braised fields, cucumbers and what I think it might smell like to ride through the Polish countryside on a farm cart at dusk in the summer of 1935. In fact, “Encounter” by Czelaw Milosz is a poem in a glass…sad, nostalgic, full of longing for a lost beauty.

* Virgin of Guadalupe candles. I would love to believe, but I just don’t. But the wanting keeps me lighting her candles just in case.

* Hula glasses. I never wanted to go to Hawaii. Thought it was touristy, gimmicky, Don Ho-ish. And it is. But it’s also the smell of flowers that floor you when you get off the plane from the shrink-wrapped mainland. It’s hiking through bamboo forests. It’s the vistas of the Pacific that make your soul sough in and out with the waves. I can’t wait to return someday.

4 Responses to “Things I Love”

  1. Allegra Smith says:


    sunglasses: checked

    Hendricks: checked (favorite here)

    Virgen de Guadalupe: as a lapsed Catholic I respect her as Catholic version of the Universal Mother, in whichever form she wants to appear. Beside she is one of the few darker skin madonnas. Very PC

    Hawaii: lived there, my son was born there, it was lovely in the 60s. Still love it even tho… BTW Don Ho and I shared the same birthday and we used to celebrate together when he was alive and I was living there. With his entire very large family who were to a person the kindest people you ever wanted to meet.

    more personal favorites:

    Portland love: Hendricks,St. Germain, ice. Shake and serve in a Martini glass with a twist.

    Or Parfait Amour:
    Hendricks, a couple of drops of violet liqueur, lots of ice, shake and serve in a Martini glass with a candied violet, à votre santé.

  2. Whosyergurl says:

    I,too, wear my sunglases for the sake of being anonymous. It is a wonderful feeling. I often wear them in shops. It is the holding off of the everyday person- not letting them peer into your eyes, not letting them in.

    Cheryl in IN

  3. Nikki Hardin says:

    Parfait Amour sounds wonderful!

  4. Allegra Smith says:

    Anytime. I mean it. Oregon is a wonderful place to enjoy Martinis, hint, hint…