The Woman Who Fell to Earth

February 4th, 2011

Coming back to Reality, SC,  after a month in London was like being Dorothy falling back into her black and white world after the journey through all the colors of Oz. I know “normal” life has to be filled with errands, laundry, dead plants, overdue bills, and just plain drabness sometimes, often. But I wish I could figure out how to see my little, familiar world with the eyes of a stranger. Kind of like falling in love with your predictable husband all over again. Maybe it starts with seeing myself in a new way. Wearing clothes that make me feel exotic and unfamiliar to my own being. Pursuing a project that is all mine, a personal passion, and carrying that around like a secret all day. Wearing perfume that makes me feel like an amoureuse even when no one but me is there to appreciate it. In January, the windows at the Le Bon Marche department store  in Paris were themed around different meetings in 2011: deliciousness, inspiration, greed, love, voluptuousness. The creativity of each one made me want to be, do, make something equally inspiring and witty and beautiful. Now that I’m home, when I walk in my neighborhood, I won’t pass a Middle Eastern grocery with piles of Turkish delight in the window and little cups of pomegranate seeds for sale on sidewalk,  or the news agent with a gazillion papers and magazines or the Waitrose grocery with its inventive packaging or the Tube signs beckoning me on a new adventure. I’ve fallen back into my black-and-white world, and now it’s up to me to film it in Technicolor. To see myself in lights instead of complaining that everything around me is so dull-colored. I promise to try to re-new myself in 2011.

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  1. Why is it that Nikki Hardin, uninspired still makes me feel totally inspired? Your voice comes through in super-infused HD Technicolor every single day I hear you utter a single word.

  2. Edythe says:

    … there really isn’t a try is there? – it is a choice, right? I get the feeling that you are longing for something BECAUSE you know that you can’t have it… A lover that has passed on or a city that you can’t stay in… life is always better just beyond our keeps us where we think we need to be…just this side of happiness…

  3. Hey, I’m living proof that it is possible to fall in love with the predictable husband over and over again. It does require opening ones eyes and being willing to thwart the “predictable response” to the “predictable husband.”

    As an exercise, I sometimes I ask myself if I met him at a party, how long would we talk? What would we remember about our meeting the next day?

    If I worked in his office, what would I think?

    If I saw him on a train, what would I notice, imagine?

    If we went on a date, what would I ask him in conversation to try and get to know him better? What would I say? How would I describe myself?

    Try that in response to your environment, life, self. I think it’s a good exercise.

  4. nikki says:

    love that suggestion!

  5. claire says:

    london misses you.

  6. Dawn Elliott says:

    I feel the same way when I come home from Mexico! Things aren’t as colorful, lively, or soulful – yet I do appreciate where I live, and try to bring some of passion home with me…with varying degrees of success!

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