The Wheel of Seasons

December 12th, 2014

xmas wreath web

I love hanging a fresh wreath on my door because in the dead of winter, evergreens offer hope that the earth is not truly dead, that spring will come again. Instead of a tree, I’ll put up strings of Frida-style felt flowers in the doorways as a sign that the real ones will be back with the sun. I’ll listen to music about snowmen and wise men and presents under the tree. And I’ll burn all the candles in my house to hold back the dark and summon the solstice. When we spend so much time staring into computer/phone/tablet screens, at work under fluorescent bulbs or cooped up in cities that obscure the stars, it’s easy to forget the cycle of birth, death, growth and harvest that’s always happening around us. The wreath reminds me to watch for the full moon every month, to pay attention to the birds that come to my feeder, to notice the nuance of light throughout the day, to inhale the essence of the forest, to remember my mother, the earth.

2 Responses to “The Wheel of Seasons”

  1. marsha baumrind says:

    I remember your house at Christmas and when your blue chair was delivered by a really nice black gentleman who single handedly brought it in, by himself in his arms, Happy Holidays Nikki! 🙂

  2. Veronica says:

    My front door is yellow and most of the year it wears a wreath of sunflowers and khaki polka dot ribbon. That door brings me joy every day. In December, I put up an evergreen wreath, and it seemed sad in comparison. I added gold bulbs and gold ribbon, but even though it’s beautiful,I long for my polka dot and sunflower creation to take its place.

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