The See of an Idea

December 19th, 2007
On the way to work today I was thinking about the new year. I admire people who have long lists of goals they draw up by New Year’s Eve, complete with steps to achieve the goals branching out and giving birth to yet more subsets of goals in a Franklin Covey kind of productive frenzy. I want to do that, but I’m so lazy and inattentive that I can’t even finish the list, much less the goals. But this year I do have a strong urge to work toward something that is as yet unname-able. So I decided I need a theme for the coming year. I envision it as a street sign pointing the way into the new year. It would be made out of colorful flowers, papier mache birds, garlands and twinkling lights spelling out my theme. It would arch over the street and I’d walk under it into the new year. I was driving and thinking about this and waiting for my theme to emerge from the depths of my psyche and I kept getting an image of growth and trees and souls and creativity. All very inchoate. So imagine the synchronicitous surprise of walking in the office and finding a package with a colorful angel tied to it and this beautiful bronze/silver leather journal inside. There are no accidents, are there? How many times do I have to be reminded of this?

One Response to “The See of an Idea”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “There are no accidents, are there?”

    Have you ever bitten your lip?