This week my mail was stolen out of my mail box. A sweet little standard box with a red flag on a post outside a white picket fence entangled in a jasmine vine. I’ve lived in my neighborhood 7 years, and this is the first time I’ve been vandalized. Worst of all, it was someone who lives nearby, according to the neighbor who saw her. I’m sad and angry all at once. It’s hard times out there and people might be verging on desperate, but it breaks my heart and pisses me off that now I have to install the Alcatraz lockdown version of mailboxes. That the Barnes & Noble gift card my daughter sent me was stolen. That this woman might have taken my Social Security check if I’d been an old lady living on a fixed income. But then I started fantasizing about what was stolen.  The announcement that I won the MacArthur Genius Award? A letter from an old lover who realized after decades that he could not live without me? An apology from someone who wronged me years ago? A job offer from Tina Brown? The possibilities inherent in what I didn’t receive are magical. 

4 Responses to “The Mail I Didn’t Receive”

  1. Jane says:

    I’ve been a mail carrier. In fact, I’m still on the roster. I’ve seen and heard about mail theft so many times, and it’s really bad at the xmas season. The worst thing was when employees in the plant at the USPS stole things. Carriers were always blamed, trust was broken, and worse, people’s hearts.

    Sorry this happened to you!

  2. ida b. says:

    Or a postcard from a friend who misses you.

  3. Kathleen Botsford says:

    I must live in some sort of bubble. I had to read this twice to understand what happened. I cannot imagine someone stealing your mail! I feel sorry for them and their sad state of affairs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    tina brown offering you a job?!?!
    how about you offering her a job?

    she pales.

    love you