A crazy driver almost killed me this this morning, but it was only later admiring my beautiful latte that I realized how lucky I’d been to escape with my life. And how it sometimes takes a close call to make me remember that every morning is a new leaf, a new unfolding. Anything could happen. You could have a vision, discover your spirit animal, get a message from your dead mother. The dog could learn to answer the phone. The man in the moon could be on the other end of the line. Does that sound preposterous? How much more preposterous that we rise every morning with hope, love with abandonment, make far-reaching plans, see them fail, plan again, endure with grace, dream, celebrate and play, all with the certain knowledge of our eventual extinction. How brave, beautiful and preposterous humans are.

4 Responses to “The Latte I Might Have Missed”

  1. m. heart says:

    Not to mention the millions of complex functions the human body is doing sub-consciously while we wake up, shower, get dressed, drive to work…it does make you think that anything is possible.

  2. Diane says:

    I am SO glad that you ended up with a latte instead of a ride to the ER . . . or worse. When I was sideswiped by a car that totaled mine a few years ago, I was rattled but mostly okay. A Bolivian student who had been a pediatrician in her country came by my desk to tell me it was time to celebrate. Celebrate? I was without a car, pretty bruised and sore, and kinda depressed about the close call. Yes, she said, in her country this would call for a celebration with good food and wine. . . a celebration of good fortune where there could have been a very sad story. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. On the way home from the doctor’s later that day, we stopped and got filet mignon and good red wine. I wish I would remember this perspective more often. You made me think of it today. And your words make me feel very tender about all of us marching or muddling through our days and our lives. Thanks.

  3. I like to think the certainty of our extinction keeps us going–like the vision of a finish line motivates a runner, like a person in a spinning class watches the clock on the wall and wills herself to keep going.

  4. katie weinberger says:

    so true…

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