A Blue Chair State of Mind

December 10th, 2014

blue white chair web 2

When I stopped working full-time, I decided I’d start the day by reading something that inspired me, interested me or taught me something new. I designated the oversized blue chair in my home office as the spot where I’d drink a cup of coffee and do some writing and reading every morning. The broad, capacious chair was originally purchased at a yard sale by a friend and passed on to me.  It was upholstered in a nondescript old-fashioned print, and I had it recovered in a beautiful pale turquoise fabric with white flowers from Maine Cottage. With wide embracing arms, it looks like a chair made to dream in. I made it a digital-free zone and spent my mornings with a books, a pot of pens and a notebook. I underlined sentences and wrote in margins and marked favorite passages with sticky notes.  I got lost in poems and the past, read natural history and studied spirituality. I began to rediscover slow time. But gradually I started to take on freelance assignments with deadlines, scheduled iCal meetings and coffee with friends and stopped visiting the blue chair. The “real world” called. The world where it’s important to have a job description, a business card, a purpose. Where it’s necessary to be busy, be visible, be a striver, a doer, a maker.  This week I noticed that the stack of books on the arm of the chair hasn’t been whittled away or added to for months. An orange zafu meditation cushion I never use is sitting where I used to, and the rest of the chair has become a temporary way station for a revolving collection of jackets, purses and shopping bags. It’s time to clear out the mundane, make room for the magic and keep an overdue date with the blue chair.

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  1. Veronica says:

    I love the idea of a digital free zone and a reading ritual. I have a stack of Smithsonian magazines calling me and a stack of books.

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