Thankfully Thursday

June 6th, 2013


web pan midpines


 Some Things I’m Loving This Week:

* Waiting for Stories We Tell, Sarah Polley’s documentary about her mother to open.

* A surprise gift in the mail from an old friend: a pillow cover embroidered with flowers and the slogan, “Someone Somewhere Loves You.”

* A subscription to Bon Appetit, because it reignited my love of magazines.

* An upcoming iPhoneography workshop which I hope will reignite my love of taking photos.

* Discovering the Panorama option on my iPhone and taking photos like the ones above near Yosemite last week.

* A new singer I just discovered  — Lindi Ortega. My favorite song: “Cigarettes and Truckstops.” I wish that were the title of my memoir.

“The Great Cauldron of Story” episode on — why fairy tales have meaning for adults, too.

* My new Trish McEvoy lip pencil in Nude. So expensive I have to use it right down to the stub.

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