March 19th, 2011


Tonight there was a much-awaited, chatted-about fat golden moon coming over the treetops. I tried to get a close-up photo, but my camera is either not powerful enough or I don’t know how to set it–the same frustrating story I encounter again and again in tech-world. All I got for my efforts was a streaky misshapened blob of an image. Why do I persist? I’m convinced that if I capture the moon on “film,” I will know Something once and for all. While I drove to the burned-out bridge near my house to try and photograph the moon, I listened to Lucinda Williams singing “Sweet Old World.” The litany of things given up squeezed my heart with each refrain. At the same time, her honey-coated, slack-jawed ┬áSouthern diction made me think of home as it never was and never will be. Earlier in the day, I was single-mindedly searching for an Andrew Marvell poem to illustrate a point I wanted to make about a blog post. Tonight, I only wish I could open my heart to the moon instead of worrying about whether I capture it in words or take a close-up photo or make a telling, sophisticated connection between the moon and my soul. I want to curl into that big apricot-colored luscious, chewy, sweet orb hanging over my driveway at 10pm. No photos, only sense memories. No documents, only dreams. The moon is close to us this month — send your longings up to meet it halfway.

6 Responses to “SuperMoon”

  1. Still chasing the moon, Nikki? Remember, what I always say, we don’t capture the moon, the moon captures us. : )

  2. nikki says:

    But how can we not get up and follow the full moon like dogs in heat or lovesick cowboys or spinster poets?!

  3. My property backs up to a huge park, and I walked through the woods with my dog and watched it rise. That night I dragged a sleeping bag on the deck with my two junior goddesses. We slept under the Supermoon until the clouds rolled in and we got hit by rain. The next night I slept out again, but temps dropped into the upper 30s. Even the dog was shivering. By 5 a.m., I was inside.

  4. Dawn Elliott says:

    The moon has always been magical to me; I especially like to moonbathe in/near any source of water. Thanks for the reminder of it’s closeness as spring calls us outside a little longer each night…

  5. Jen says:

    we walked down to the bay to look at it only to find throngs of people with their cameras. It was fun to look at their little screens as we walked by. Imagine: 10 years ago photos were private and now any passer-by can take a sneak peek! And us? not a camera between us, and we have 4 degrees in photography between us. I totally enjoyed every moment though and I guess thats what counts ­čÖé

    ps- v-grrrs night sounds amazing!

  6. Steph says:

    Love your subtle tone in this post, the longing for the evidence of the thing that we feel will most capture “it” and how the journey changes from just exploring “it” to documenting the exploring. Thank you.

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