SuperMoon Weekend

May 7th, 2012

I was filled with anticipation for the Super Moon last weekend and then managed to miss it completely. My weekend was out-of-control crazy straight through from Friday night to Sunday night. It began with bar tending at a friend’s gallery during Friday Art Walk, going to dinner, getting home late, and on Saturday another art exhibit, then a stop at another friend’s gallery for a glass of wine in her hidden courtyard and then on to a dinner party that was so beautiful it might have been a scene from  a movie. A long candlelit table outdoors under a sheltered porch, sudden rain showers in the garden beyond, wine bottles and delicate glasses, food so delicious it seemed like it jumped right from the pages of a magazine. Sunday was more of the same, and for an introvert who requires lots of solitude, it seemed that I was suffering from Super Moon lunacy. By Sunday night, my battery was dead, there were no words left on my tongue, and I was doggedly putting one foot in front of the other trusting I would soon shut the door on the world and burrow under my blue-striped duvet surrounded by all-white walls that had no intention of starting a conversation. At one point in that jangly weekend, I glanced up at the walls around my friend’s garden as the sun was going down and saw nature making this fleeting shadow on the bricks. It was time slowed, a deep breath of cool shade and mellow sunlight, a reminder that this is the kind of food my soul craves.

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