August 17th, 2009

* CRUSH: Marlon Brando wearing Levi’s in The Wild Bunch (MasterCard using his image to shill for them, not).
* TASTE: Roasted caramelized cauliflower
* LUSH: the shower after hot yoga
* ESCAPE: Peaks Island, Maine
* EYE CANDY: Lighted globes
* LISTEN: “Wild is the Wind,” by Cat Power (sad and succulent) and “The Eternal Seduction of Eve,” by The Real Tuesday Weld. (sensual and succulent)
* MUSE: Jack Kerouac’s Rules of Spontaneous Prose, cut out of Utne Magazine (I think) years ago and carried about with me every time I’ve moved. Still hanging on my mood board. Online list found via Secret Notebooks, Wild Pages. Print it out, hang it up where your eye will catch it daily.

One Response to “Succulent”

  1. Allegra Smith says:

    I was thinking of you yesterday while eating a scrumptious and sweet fig. I do love all fruits but figs are my very favorites, go figure. Anyway I thought of warm Italian afternoons, laying down, under a big fig tree in my grand uncle's garden, lazily picking a fig or two, getting both hands and mouth sticky with the sweetness of the flesh, the unctuous richness of the flowing honey and realize now what escaped me then in those youthful and often less than perceptive ways: succulent is a state of mind or the richness of a fig.
    Enough to really make you humble.

    I love your choices. They are all really succulent.