Starting Over Again

March 20th, 2008
Do you ever feel you’re on the verge of starting out on a journey? You don’t know where you’re going or when you’ll start, just that you’ll go? And I don’t mean that you’ll even leave home, but maybe you’ll leave the certainty of home behind. Maybe you’ll leave the routine of home behind. Maybe you’ll leave the safety of home behind. Last week I dreamed I was having a baby. Big consternation and confusion in the dream because I’m way past the age of fertility. And knowing my past, there might have been some worry about who the baby daddy was! For the past few weeks, maybe months, I’ve been in a slough of mild despair wondering if I would ever have another adventure, another big idea, another wild goose chase. So I’ve been thinking about the pregnancy dream and about my crazy kitchen canvas and thinking maybe my baby daddy of an idea won’t come from the expected source. That I need to be open to idea pollination from unexpected places and be ready to leave a home-safe mind-set behind.