Starting Out

June 2nd, 2009

I’m giving myself homework assignments for the summer, because evidently I need artificial deadlines in order to accomplish ANYTHING. So today was the first day of very own version of Summer School. I planned for it in the same way I used to prepare for the first day of school. Remember buying new supplies, getting your outfit ready the night before, waking up early full of anticipation? I can’t say I had the same level of excitement this time, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading and unlearning in advance of my self-imposed start date of June 1. My goal is to approach writing with a “beginner mind” for a change, with enthusiasm instead of dread or fear of failure. I write for a living every day and it’s fun, creative writing, but it’s my job. So I wanted to try something different, a project just for me and one that has a beginning and end date. Coming home every night and writing could be a drag after a full day of doing the same thing, but I’m trying to think of homework that resembles play more than work. (I’ll probably post some of the assignments I give myself on my other blog–Creative First Aid–from time to time, so feel free to audit the class!) Today, I started a 2400-word autobiography, but I’m not proceeding in any kind of chronological fashion. So far, so fun. I just hope I don’t get sent to detention or flunk out. I want to write my way toward that gate in the distance, the one that’s the color of a David Hockney pool, the color of imagination, the color of Wallace Steven’s blue guitar.

2 Responses to “Starting Out”

  1. frida says:

    I inadvertently erased someone's comment…apologies!!!

  2. seastararts says:

    I'm starting out, too… thanks to you oh inspiring word goddess! just don't edit me too much puhlease 🙂