Spiritual Switzerland

January 20th, 2008

I took this photo from the window of a plane flying over the mountains of Switzerland on the way to Prague in depths of winter. My first trip to Europe. Looking down, I imagined cows bells, gods on skis, cheese fondue out the wazoo. Even now it brings on a shiver of dread induced by too many tv airings of The Sound of Music. I’m embarrassed to admit that I find it hard to throw out old fleece jackets and ragged Irish sweaters because there is some nascent Anne Frank fear that there might be a war or a depression or a disapora (and I’m not even Jewish!) and I might need warm clothes to flee into the Blue Ridge Mountains where my family and friends will hide and resist some nameless threat. What the hell is that about? Tonight I’m nowhere near HeidiLand or NaziLand, but I have that deep down soul cold that I get every few years. I took a long hot shower (sorry, Mother Earth), put on warm pajamas and socks, changed the sheets, piled on the blankets. Winter. I hate it, but I also think it’s necessary to harden my roots, to pare away my native frivolity. Because I have a tropical carelessness in my character that calls for the slap in the face of a winter night every now and then. I need knife-sharp winter constellations instead of a big melony moon to remind me how lucky I am to have a pile of blankets, sheets straight from the dryer, on-demand hot water. And of course that stack of old sweaters to reassure my Puritan, self-punishing soul.

2 Responses to “Spiritual Switzerland”

  1. Mayberry Magpie says:

    Wow! Thanks for giving the world a blog that not only makes us smile, but makes us think. Best blog I’ve found in quite a while.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh, on your way to praha… 🙂 (carlova)