Since we’re all students in life, these are rules that apply to any kind of calling you may have. Evidently they were posted in the art department of the college where Sister Corita Kent taught. (I found them on Keri Smith’s excellent blog.)  I also highly recommend Corita Kent’s book called Learning by Heart.

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  1. Jessie says:

    Dear Nikki,

    I found this blog quite round-about through a link and another link, down the internet rabbit hole… a little down time at work, and reaching for the nostalgia of my former life in Charleston I came across the Creative Parliament, and then this blog. I used to design for skirt! Savannah, and now work & live in Greenville, SC. I hope you’re well, and can’t believe you needed another outlet for your writing, even after writing all day, every day. But this is a neat and obscure place to find online, especially when I really needed a creative push.

    Thanks for making,

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