Silver Linings

December 13th, 2012

* I had to leave New York this morning, but the sheets were changed on my bed at home while I was gone by an Angel of A Good Night’s Sleep. If I weren’t so lazy I would change the sheets on my bed EVERY DAY and given how happy it makes me, I might just try that for awhile in 2013. It’s a luxury that only requires about 10 minutes a day and a few extra sets of sheets.

* I had to get up too early this morning to eat and there was no Starbucks in the US Air concourse, but the friend who met me at the airport drove me straight to Five Guys burgers. I arm wrestled that burger into submission, but even I couldn’t finish the whole thing.

* I think I lost my brand-new ring in the city, but I came back with a head full of art.

* I saw how the hipper half lives at the Boom Boom Room on top of the The Standard Hotel, but I didn’t have a second of envy. Hard work to be hip.

* I spent too much money, but I had a nice fat freelance check in the mail when I got home. I came out even-Steven.

* I ran right up to the edge of my energy and felt depleted after days and days of walking in the cold and rain, but it made me realize I need to get back to vitamins and vegetables and my Vitamix.

* I’m sad this Christmas because I won’t see my family, but sometimes a lonely little holiday is just what I need to get introspective and think things over. It creates a snow globe of inner silence that is usually impossible to find during the guilt fueled spending spree of this time of year. (That’s just my current jaundiced view of Christmas–I realize the rest of you are out singing carols and stringing popcorn and helping an angel get her wings, but please don’t send me emails about how I need to get my candy cane on. I’m just not gonna do it this year.)

* I can’t say that I’ve gotten any closer to figuring out some thorny personal issues that I’ve been struggling with all year, but at least I feel like there are some inklings and intuitions simmering in my soul’s slow cooker as the year winds down. I have my big fat Russell + Hazel Smart Deck and a fat black Sharpie ready to record any nourishing ideas that might result.




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