Sign of Times Past

April 9th, 2010

I love this pedestrian crossing sign near my house because it reminds me of the illustrations in the reading books we used to have in grade school, back when men went to work and women wore stockings and sensible pumps to  shop for dinner. The man on this sign is carrying a briefcase and escorting a woman who is carrying a purse. I guess you could also interpret this as a mom wearing a pantsuit and escorting her daughter, who’s carrying a lunchbox, but that’s kind of a stretch. I prefer to see a couple crossing the street to get a house loan from Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life at the Bailey Building and Loan Association. Or maybe Robert Young and Jane Wyatt going to pick up Kitten from school or get Bud out of a jam in Father Knows Best. Every time I pass it, I feel like I’ve time-traveled back to a simpler, sweeter time, a fantasy of the paperdoll functional family I never had.

2 Responses to “Sign of Times Past”

  1. I think many of us of “a certain age” have ideas about how life might be vs. how it is. A very difficult reality for me to face, even now at 57.

    I can imagine what Frida would have to say about this.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I have always thought those signs were bizarre. I would tell my kids, “Look! It’s a footless-, handless-, neckless-, hairless- people crossing!”

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