Sex & The Single Girls

February 8th, 2011

If you’re single, do you ever feel frustrated reading the ubiquitous articles in women’s magazines or the discussions on Dr. Phil type shows that focus on the sex lives of married women? If you believe the media, the only women sanctioned to have sex in our country are those with husbands. There are no doubt thousands of single women readers who have the same equipment under the hood, but no drivers, and yet all they/we get are “10 Proven Ways to Make a Man Want You” or “How to Please a Man.” But what if you don’t — gasp! — have a man? What if these magazines ever woke up and commissioned articles that discuss the benefits of masturbation, the best vibrators and where to buy them or the role of fantasies in a satisfying sex life? What if they endorsed the idea that nourishing a healthy libido — single or married — enhances your general creativity and overall mood and sense of self? That you don’t have to be with a partner to nurture your sensuality and desire. That expensive lingerie and perfume will make you feel desirable even if you’re the only one to appreciate it on you. That if your tool box includes sexual toys, you’re not a loser but a lover. That some women believe that you can enjoy erotica and still be a feminist. What if we grew up understanding that life doesn’t start for Sleeping Beauty when the Prince crashes through the briars into her bower and wakes her from her long slumber with a kiss – that, in fact, she may have been enjoying a sexy little dream that didn’t even include him, just his best friends, Prince Charming and The Beast.

2 Responses to “Sex & The Single Girls”

  1. Jodi says:

    Love this! Couldn’t have been more timely. Would you believe me if I told you that I was thinking most of these very things on my commute into the office this morning? Besides, why is it that studies have shown that single gals live happier, healthier lives than the married ones?

  2. Laura says:

    Just agreeing. What an untouched subject. Even with all the progress women have made in Western society, it’s still the married gals who get the press.

    I’ve never married and often muse how I simply don’t matter. I’m called a spinster anymore but gee why do all the silly girls who marry get all the publicity?

    Keep it up.

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