Sacred & Profane Dinners

December 1st, 2014

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For a long time, I used to light candles when I was making dinner during the winter. Then I started counting calories and stopped paying attention to cooking. I mostly cobbled together a meal, and I didn’t light candles while I was doing it. On Thanksgiving, I was alone for the first time in years and while I was making my dinner, I started lighting the candles I keep around the kitchen. I always have a Virgin of Guadalupe grocery store candle in the house, and for the first time, I lit the Frida Kahlo candle a friend had given me. Ever since a trip to San Miguel Allende, I’ve always had on hand a supply of the Lux Perpetua religious votives that were burning in the cathedral there, and I added one of those to the mix. I’m not religious, and I’m some people who are might take issue with the mismatched company I keep. But I think the important thing in life is to keep turning on the light any way you can.

[You can order Lux Perpetua candles Alchemy Home or Direct from Mexico. A similar Frida Kahlo candle is available at Biscuit, but the shipping costs as much as the candle so I’ll have to burn mine sparingly and hope that another appears in my life the same way the first one did — serendipitously.]


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  1. Veronica says:

    Mismatched company makes a good life, worth or without candlelight.

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