Little girls seem to have an insouciant style that comes from deep within some confident, unfettered place in their souls. Glitter shoes with a plaid kilt, rain boots with tutus, princess dresses with cowboy boots. Costumes come as naturally as brilliant wings on butterflies. But then we grow up, and we follow one trend after another, or we give up and try to keep it simple by wearing black every day, or we cover up our unconventional cravings in corporate suits. I’m too old to wear a flower headband, I think, or I want to wear 40s wedges and ankles socks but I’ll look ridiculous or Why can’t I pull off the Audrey Hepburn look? Why can’t I pull off my own look? Why do I shy away from clothes that might draw attention to me? Yeah, sometimes I wish I could throw a burka-equivalent over my pajamas and go to the grocery without giving a damn, but other times, I miss the glittericity.

4 Responses to “Put on Your Glitter Shoes”

  1. jpm says:

    I am making your new word “glittericity” my new mantra. Everything in life should include a little sparkle.

  2. I’ve never been the “girl” type you describe. I’ve kind of come out of my shell as I’ve aged though and although I would not wear the flower headband, I do venture out with some fun stuff now and then. My grand daughter, Iris , is the girly girl and it is so strange because none of the women in her life are girly. Where do they get this stuff???? But Iris, oh my Iris, she loves those glitter shoes, the Princess dresses, jewelry, crowns, and PINK, and butterflies……you can’t tell I adore her, can you?

  3. ida b. says:


  4. Erin Perry says:

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