Practice Being Frida

July 14th, 2013

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The thing I most admire about Frida Kahlo is the intensity of her paintings and her passions. Color couldn’t be contained on her canvas and overflowed into her clothing, the blue walls of her house, the flowers in her hair. I postpone passion in so many ways — reading trash instead of drawing a picture, sleeping late instead of getting up and writing, dismissing adventures that are simply fun but not profitable. Just like muscles, creativity increases by being used and withers when it’s not. To get back into the habit, I need to practice being Frida by doing bite-size projects that don’t intimidate me. I’m thinking of trying some of these:

-Make a Post-it note wall. The last time I did that I wrote a tiny poem on a Post-It every morning for a month and stuck it on my bedroom wall.

-Use the paints that are sitting around drying up in the tube. Don’t expect a masterpiece, just push color around.

-Make postcards again and send them off in the mail.

-Make little digital posters with my InstaQuote app and put them on my FB page.

-Write something every day that is not for work or that feels like work.

-Take more photos, lots of photos, bad photos, good photos. Don’t worry if they’re keepers– just Delete Delete Delete and every now and then Save.

-Don’t go to sleep without reading something that moves me, inspires me, excites me, incites me.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. V-Grrrl says:

    Let’s exchange handmade postcards, Nikki! Message me if you’re game. I’ll send you one, then you send one back, and on and on until we have a fabulous collection to post on our walls. Are you up for it?

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