Pot of Gold

March 22nd, 2009

This was the view from my hotel room one afternoon during my visit to Boston, but my iPhone camera couldn’t quite capture the golden outline around each branch of the trees. It reminded me of an illuminated manuscript, a visual epiphany. One of the workshops I attended at the Nieman narrative journalism conference was about finding the extraordinary in ordinary moments–this brief transformation of a mundane view from a sterile hotel room reminded me that I need to open my eyes instead of sleepwalking through so much of the day. The whole weekend was a jolt of much-needed inspiration because lately all I seem to do is worry about the stock market and my coworkers and bills I need to pay and should I have applied for a government job decades ago as my mother urged instead of pursuing my grasshopper dreams of being a writer. 

2 Responses to “Pot of Gold”

  1. ida b. says:

    Can’t wait to bask in your grasshopper glory. I have missed you something fierce, Frida Woman.

    The birthday fairy put new tires on my beloved Earthcruiser. How about a silent ride at dawn to the old bridge… you up for it?

  2. Di Mackey says:

    You did so good with the Iphone camera.

    The grasshopper – sometimes I get scared because I am the grasshopper. My trip to Rome completely killed my finances, waiting for April and payday now …

    The grasshopper and the ants, how that tale has haunted me, my whole entire life.