Paying Attention

August 18th, 2008

I wrote a piece today about being aware enough of the person you’re talking to that you notice the color of their eyes, and then I realized that I often don’t take my own advice. So I wrote in the palm of my hand a reminder to pay attention. I’m noticing so far… 
* a scattering of rose petals in the dirt, so wabi sabi.
* how quietly my house seems to wait for me to come home after it’s been cleaned.
* the sound of cars passing by when I don’t have the tv on…like the tide coming and going.
* the smell of basil on my hands from pulling leaves off the plant in the yard. I wish my skin smelled like geranium leaves when I’m happy, gardenias when I’m aroused, ginger when I’m relaxed, peppermint when I’m working.
* the broody feeling of a storm building…it makes me want to have laundry on a clothesline so I could race to gather it in before it rains, having the wind fill the sheets so that you have to haul them in like sails on a boat.
* dogs barking from yard to yard across the neighborhood…passing along news and gossip I’ll never know. 

2 Responses to “Paying Attention”

  1. danette says:

    It sounds like what you notice, is poetry.

    Thank you for reminding me to notice the poetry in my own life.

    Awesome photo.

  2. woodley park-zoo says:

    My goodness, maybe I’m ignorant but have you written any books? Prose or poetry? If you haven’t, oh I hope you will because your vision, your thoughts, and your words are AMAZING!