Over My Head

October 1st, 2007
A couple of months ago, I was driving over the bridge to the beach about 2 miles from my house when I spotted a Tsunami Warning sign…right here on the coast of South Carolina. I almost ran off the road because I have such a fear of tsunami. I don’t know if it’s rational or not–after all, I can’t swim! But see that little stick figure trying desperately to race away from the tidal wave at its back? I think that’s the story of my life. I’m so cautious, so Libraesque, so much a product of Niceville, USA and I’m so really tired of it. I hate being out of control, overwhelmed, underprepared, out of my element but I know it’s time.

2 Responses to “Over My Head”

  1. ida b. says:

    I will teach you (to swim) if you so desire. I recently started swimming again a few times a week. Sometimes, though, I just float. For like an hour. It is a naughty pleasure. Floating is amazing… you feel weightless— and like a mermaid. I think you would like to float. Would you like to float with me?

    P.S. As far as your life goes… sink or swim? I am certain you won the gold medal for freestyle long ago. In fact, I can still hear the crowd cheering.

  2. travel p. says:

    Oh, God, I think about tsunamis alot, ever since I almost got wiped out by the big one in Sri Lanka two years ago(OK, I was there exactly a year before it hit – doesn’t that count as a near miss??) I also worry about earthquake and/or hurricane damage to my valuables.

    At least I no longer have to fear the old Cooper River bridge falling down while I’m driving across it. Or that the stupid creaky ceiling fan in my old bedroom might fall on top of me in the middle of the night and break my legs.

    Where does one find the courage to let go of worry?