Our Mother, Ourselves

June 14th, 2010

This past weekend I was out on a friend’s boat in the creeks that run all through the marshes where I live. Porpoises were feeding next to our boat, great blue herons landed on the banks like majestic Concords approaching the runway, and it felt like we were living in Wind in the Willows. No fish were landed except baby sand sharks that got thrown back in to grow up and scare ┬áthe pants off people on the beach, but there was wine, a constant breeze and glorious sun blessing every pore and and wavelet and blade of grass. And no oil slicks. Yet. It’s extraordinary that one company has managed to destroy, maybe beyond restoring, a huge part of our coast. (Be sure to go to skirt.com or the print issue of Skirt in July to read “Deepwater Feminism,” a wonderful essay by Stephanie Hunt .) When will women exercise their voting and consumer power to protect Mother Earth instead of fighting each other? Emily’s List or the Susan B. Anthony List — why not one list of ferocious women devoted to healing the planet?

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