November Litany

November 4th, 2014

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Somewhere the leaves have turned and tumbled in unknown woods. Somewhere there’s the scent of woodsmoke embedded in the soul of my grandmother’s house. Somewhere there’s the echo of long-ago Thanksgiving dinners shared with people who have vanished from the earth or just into other lives in other places. November is the door the ghosts return through for a brief moment. The ones we loved, the ones we harmed, the ones we’ve lost, the ones who gave us a second chance, the ones who made us laugh, the ones we married, the ones we buried, the ones who surprised us, the ones who got away, the ones who made us proud, the ones we wished we’d loved back, the ones who fed us, the ones who gave us nicknames, the ones we spent one sweet night with, the ones who taught us what we needed to know, the ones who really saw us, the ones we sinned against, the ones who had our back, the ones who cured us, the ones who scared us, the ones we’d give anything to see again. November is for re-membering, for stitching and binding the past to the present. It’s the table we set for everyone we’ve ever known. It’s the blessing of the saints, the forgiveness of sins, the long goodbye of autumn. It’s bare black branches and winter weeds with the promise of sun to come.



8 Responses to “November Litany”

  1. Rossi says:

    Your posts always take my breath away, and this one was no exception.

  2. Amanda Hollinger says:

    Beautiful reflection. I might read this at our Thanksgiving table this year. –Amanda

  3. nikki says:

    Thank you, Rossi!

  4. Sandy Donn says:

    Just beautiful – lovely to read this morning.

  5. Amey Warder says:

    My favorite surprise is clicking on my bookmark, Fridaville and finding an entry you have posted. This post moved me to tears. So telling, true and filled with wonder. Thank you for writing. It is a gift you give me!
    Xo Amey

  6. Mary McDaniel says:

    How beautiful is that!

  7. Amen. Let it be. All Souls Month.

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