No Complaints

November 23rd, 2010

All too often, I find myself bitching about where I live, chafing at the known-ness of it, the social boundaries and perimeters, the maddening political climate. But last weekend I went to a Guerrilla Cuisine dinner, a mobile supper club staged this time on the edge of the Lowcountry marsh as the sun set and oysters roasted over a fire and shadows stretched from the oaks down to the water. Later, seated at long tables, there was the buzz and fizz of conversation among strangers, plate after plate of amazing food, plenty of wine and laughter. I don’t think it’s altogether bad to kick against the pricks, to want to push against the predictability of place, but I needed to be reminded also of the briny liquid in an oyster shell, the bite of homemade hot sauce and the plunge of a porpoise making its way up the creek as we toasted the remains of the day.

2 Responses to “No Complaints”

  1. Can’t beat seeing a porpoise!!HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! tomorrow! My gals almost home!!

  2. jimihatt says:

    hear hear!

    well put and please come back soon!!!


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