My Word for 2009

December 27th, 2008

Because I’m a Libra, I’ll probably regret choosing “Journey” as my theme for 2009. Damn, I’ll think, I should have picked “courage” or “dream” or some esoteric word like “kaizen.” After all, as soon as I place my order in a restaurant, I wish I’d chosen what my friend was having or the dish the stranger at the table next to me is raving about. But there are so many journeys I want to take this year–a spiritual journey, a creative journey, a journey outside my self. I want to become healthier and fitter–a hard uphill trek for me because I hate to exercise and I love cheese and red wine. I’ll never be someone who wants to summit Everest or climb Kilimanjaro or train for the Great Wall of China marathon. Just leaving the house to walk for an hour is a major ordeal, so if I follow through on this one, I will be elated. I want to start a tumblr list to record things that inspire me every day and that might inspire others–books, movies, web sites, insights. I want to do it to keep me en pointe, and if anyone else likes it that will only be gravy on my forbidden mashed potatoes. I want to become an explorer of inner space, which means becoming more serious about meditation, keeping my heart open for a guru, going back to yoga. I can’t tell you how much I want a guru. My Episcopal friend would say this means I need church, but I think it means I need a teacher or a mentor. This year I shut down some departments in my life and narrowed my world for a lot of reasons. Maybe it was a necessary hibernation, but I think it’s time to wake up. Selecting a theme for your year and announcing it is like telling everyone you’re going to Weight Watchers (also on my horizon)–I’m not sure it’s a good idea, because I’m prone to spiritual sloth, physical laziness and mental ennui. On the other hand, I respond well to homework assignments–I’ll just have to remember there are no Fs in this class of one, only efforts. Here’s hoping I’m worthy of joining other Barefoot Pilgrims.

One Response to “My Word for 2009”

  1. V-Grrrl says:

    wow, sounds like an “eat, pray, love” kind of journey. of course, i haven’t read that book because i seem to read everything BUT books. one of the things i resolve to do is read one book a month.

    like you i want to become fit again. i used to be very fit. while i’d like to lose weight too, my focus is on getting fit. i think i will begin to eat less when i feel better and exercise will make me feel better. one goal at a time.

    i’ve got plans for my writing too.

    the best part of the last few weeks is a sense of emerging from a dark place. feeling happy. content even. here’s to good things in 2009.