My 2012 Word

January 2nd, 2012

I try to choose a word each January to guide or inspire me for the coming year, and I feel a great pressure for it to be a brave or uplifting  or inspiring word. A word that tells the world I’m a kickass kind of woman. But sometimes I feel like I’m faking it. Yes, I would like to say that my word for 2012 would be FORWARD or YES or MORE, but I have to admit that many days I just feel small, stuck and confused. I want to be a Joan of Arc/Gloria Steinem/Frida Kahlo woman, but I am so often scared, little and insignificant even though I want to see more, feel more, do more, make more, be more. This year, I might take a step downward, go deeper into the darkness of little me instead of pretending to be superwoman. My word might be OPEN — scary in itself, because when you leave a door open, you don’t know what will come in or leave. A liminal space, a threshold, a place of ambiguity that ‘s difficult for someone like me who wants things to be black and white, clearcut, certain.

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  1. My word is NOW. Not in a Veruca Salt way, but more in a mindful, “live in the moment” way. Being present. In the NOW. I’m not very good at it, but am going to try.

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