Morning Meaning

February 28th, 2010

Do you ever get tired of the morning routine of wake up, shower, shampoo, brush teeth, dry hair, moisturize and maybe makeup? ┬áSometimes I wonder how to be more awake to life when I walk through the same monotonous steps over and over every morning. There’s one morning ritual that I almost look forward to though — using the squeegee on the glass shower doors. I love being enveloped in hot steam and water and then wiping the slate clean before I step back into the world. While I’m in the shower my wanders lazily and daydreams furiously about projects I’ve started or want to start. From the inside looking out, the room, the day ahead is a blur, a mirage. Taking time to clear the shower doors with the rubber blade prepares me to cross the threshhold into the day, to take those ideas and dreams out into the world where they might gather shape and form and color. A tiny meditative practice that adds a bit of meaning to my morning. Do you ┬áhave a ritual that prepares you to meet the day?

5 Responses to “Morning Meaning”

  1. Sallie says:

    LOVE THE NEW SITE!!! Well done!

  2. In January, my family was adopted by a Jack Russell terrier mix. My teen children, who swore a solemn vow to help walk the dog seldom do it in the morning. Which means I am forced out of the house into the cold and dark in the morning. I can’t say I ever look forward to it, but once I step out, I enjoy it. The neighborhood is quiet, there are often a few stars lingering in the sky, the air is brisk, and my dog is so happy to be outside, to be alive. His ears are up, his eyes scanning the world, his tail wagging furiously. He pulls on the leash, pulls me into my day, and makes me realize how lucky I am just to be here, to have another day.

  3. Emily says:

    Maybe that’s what I need.

  4. jpm says:

    I love the images, pre-squegee and post-squegee and you know I’m a fan of the daily shower squegee too. Now I can look at it in a different way every morning. Thank you.

  5. barbara says:

    I love that someone else delights in the shower squeegee ritual. As a former vagabond who moved every 3 years, I have spent 16 years in the same house, and with every shower squeegee, it’s a reminder of some of the things I have done RIGHT. My shower glass still looks brand new, although other parts of the house are falling down around me!

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