March 14th, 2013

webdaylight moonWalking back to my office at lunchtime, I saw the daytime moon barely there in the afternoon sky. I always think there’s something magical when that happens, as if we have a brief view of another more fantastical world breaking through the ordinary work day of coffee breaks, emails and watching the clock. Like the universe is winking to let us know it still has some secrets. It’s so hard to believe in magic in the world we live in now. Thanks to the internet and tabloid journalism, everything is exposed, revealed, uncovered. And thanks to technology and science, we know how everything works, from the tiniest cells to the big beautiful moon. But some things are still mysteries to me: love at first sight; synchronicity; where poems come from; why someone calls when I’m thinking of them; deja vu; music that makes me cry. I love my computer, my iPhone, my Google search, my Wiki everything, but even more I love not knowing all the answers. I love the blue hour, when I can imagine that the past and present overlap and time travel is possible if I only I believe enough. I love liminal spaces where you stand on the threshold of possibility, ¬†between two worlds, like the line on the shore above the tide and below dry land or the moment you let go of one trapeze bar before you catch the other one. Mostly I love the hope that magic is alive and well and if I squint my eyes I might see its blurry outline or catch it disappearing just around the corner.





4 Responses to “Moonshine”

  1. I love this post because I believe in magic, mystery, the unseen.

  2. nikki says:

    Thanks, V-grrl…I do too but have to remind myself to be open to it.

  3. Mary McDaniel says:

    Visited Frida’s exhibit at the High in Atlanta and thought of you.

  4. nikki says:

    Wish I had seen it

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