Missing the Music

November 22nd, 2008

It was so cold in the old city of Prague on the Sunday afternoon I took this photo that it makes me shiver to remember it, but walking through the narrow, winding streets, turning a corner and coming upon someone playing a violin was like being in a fairytale. And every day, I went out into winter with the friend I was visiting — bundled, layered, walking and taking the tram, watching my breath make clouds in the air, stopping for wine or coffee, unlayering, bundling back up, taking photos of snow falling. I leaned into the cold, accepted it, lived it. Today at home in Charleston, it’s 48 degrees, nothing approaching that week in Prague, but I am flinching from the cold, recoiling, running home to escape it. Instead of walking through my neighborhood or in the downtown city streets, I layer on pajamas, fuzzy socks, a long-sleeved tshirt under an old cashmere sweater. If I were in a fairytale, it would be about a woman who turns into a bear at the first frost. When Persephone goes underground and everything on earth is waiting and storing energy for the spring, why can’t I embrace all the lovely bare, spare planes of her winter face? Why don’t I expect a violinist around every corner in my own hometown?

6 Responses to “Missing the Music”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing how little we “live in the moment” when we are in our everyday surroundings. (Ba)

  2. V-Grrrl says:

    For two years in Belgium, I didn’t have a car. Belgium, known for the howling wind off the North Sea and near constant gray skies and rain. I walked and rode and carried my groceries for miles and saw the world up close.

    Back in America, I vowed to live a little like a European, but quickly reverted to circling the parking lot at the Supercenter, looking for the closest parking space to the door.

  3. dragonflyreflections says:

    I think our minds are more open to magic when we’re visiting someplace magical. The trick for me is to remember to see magic in the everyday moments.

  4. Anonymous says:

    your postings are like poetry

  5. Anonymous says:

    please meet me in prague tomorrow. i could use a walk and some fresh air.

  6. frida says:

    wouldn’t it be great to just step into that photo and hear the music on the wind?